An all-in-one VRChat mod

emmVRC is a work-in-progress mod for VRChat, that aims to provide extra functions to the base game, as well as give players enhancements to their overall experience!


Before you get started

  • As the VRChat Team has said time and time again, any modification to the VRChat client is considered a ToS violation and can lead to a ban from the platform! All software here is provided as-is and we are not responsible for any damages caused as a result of it's use. Use at your own risk!

We are an ever growing mod with an ever growing community.
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See what our mod has to offer

  • All
  • Core
  • Risky
  • Network
  • Global Dynamic Bones
  • Mod Compatibility

Core Functions

Fully compatible with the Steam and Oculus VRChat Clients
Mirror Optimization
World Reloading
Portal Blocking
Avatar Pedestal Toggle
Flashlight and Headlight Toggles
Chair Toggling
Pickup Toggling
Pickup Visibility Toggling
Video Player Toggling
Select Self
Per-Avatar Options
     Dynamic Bones, Particles, Cloth, Shaders, Audio Sources
Instance History
Program Launching
Player History
Media Buttons
Force Quit Own Game
Instant Restart Game
Portal to Friend
Social List Refresh Button
Quick Volume Mute/Unmute Buttons
User/World Notes
Custom Loading Music
Avatar Height and Calibration Saving
Emoji Favorites (up to 8)
Quick Menu Clock and Instance Timer
Nameplate Master Icon  Master Crown Icon
QM and Desktop HUD for displaying Player and World information
Higher FPS cap
Change quick menu button locations in-game
Alternative Tab Mode for emmVRC buttons
Stealth Mode (fake Report World button, disables most visual features)
UI Color Changing
Toggle Muted Icon Pulsing
Local Info Spoofing/Hiding (For content creators)
Nameplate Color Changing per rank (requires BTKSANameplateMod)
Disable default VRChat Buttons, VRC+ Buttons, and Avatar Lists
     Quick Menu Buttons: Report World, Emoji, Emote, Rank Toggle, Old Invite Buttons
     Other Features: Playlists, Report User, Avatars Stats, Minimal Warn/Kick, One-Handed Movement Indicator, Mic Tooltip
     VRC+: Quick Menu Ads and Buttons, Menu Tabs, User Info
     Avatar Menu Lists: Hot and Random Avatar Worlds; Personal, Legacy, and Public Avatars
Hotkeys for some Functions, and the option to change them in-game
     Flight, Noclip, Speed, Third Person, Toggle HUD, Respawn, Go Home
Action Menu integration for Risky Functions and Emoji Favorites
Many more settings to customize and tweak emmVRC
Auto-updating with an in-game changelog

Risky Functions

Player ESP
Trigger ESP
Pickup ESP

Network Functions

Unlimited Avatar Favorites (Requires VRC+) (More info in our F.A.Q. Section)
PIN System to protect your emmVRC Favorites
Avatar Searching through our database
Player Messaging (emmVRC users only - disabled until further notice)

Global Dynamic Bones

Interact with another user's Dynamic Bones (enabled per-person)
Interact with only Friend's Dynamic Bones
Interact with Everyone's Dynamic Bones (can be laggy)
Set Hand and Feet colliders to work exclusively, fixing issues with some avatars. (Hands only enabled by default)

Mod Compatibility

BTKSANameplateMod - Required to enable Nameplate Coloring, can be changed with emmVRC.
FBT Saver - Disables emmVRC's Calibration Saving
Multiplayer Dynamic Bones - Disables emmVRC's Global Dynamic Bones
OGTrustRanks - Change Veteran and Legendary Nameplate Colors with emmVRC
UIExpansionKit - Colors and adds Flight, Noclip, Speed, and ESP Buttons to UIX's Menu

Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question or two? Maybe someone else has hased it before. Check out some frequently asked questions that seem to come up a lot.

  • Can I use this to search avatars?

    In short, yes. We have built our own database of avatars, you can search avatars from within our database, but in terms of "every-single VRChat" avatar, no.

  • This message comes from our Discord server:

    Servers are not free to run. emmVRC costs money to run, but VRChat costs even more. They may have received investment money, but that doesn’t last forever, especially with such a fast-growing platform as VRChat. VRChat asks for $10 a month for three main features (at the time of writing): Profile Pictures, Invite Photos, and 75 extra avatar slots. A lot of people use emmVRC for that last feature, making the first two less appealing, and so many people don’t want to pay for VRChat Plus. But VRChat needs that support as much as we do. They’re trying to expand and improve on the platform, and they need the support of their users in order to do so. This has been a long and hard decision to make, but we are not going to step on VRChat any longer, especially when we want the platform to improve as much as they do.

    What this means, is that we are making a major change. In emmVRC v2.9.0 and onward, to add more avatars to your emmVRC Favorites, you will be required to have an active VRChat Plus subscription. Your existing favorites will be untouched, and search will be completely unaffected. For new favorites though, we want you to support VRChat. They need your support as much as we do, and we don’t want to impede on their ability to expand and improve the platform. They are doing some very neat things, such as the major Udon networking update, but these features take a lot of time and resources to implement, and without the support of their users, they wouldn’t be able to sustain the platform like this.

    I understand that this announcement will come hard for a lot of people, but I believe that this change is important for the growth of both VRChat and emmVRC. Besides this, VRChat may potentially expand their favorites in the future, and VRChat favorites are in general more stable than emmVRC’s. VRChat Plus favorites work even with no mods installed, and are also available on the Quest. I can see a future where VRChat’s favorite system becomes viable enough to completely replace emmVRC’s Favorites, and we would just manage avatar searching.

  • Currently we support MelonLoader v0.4.3 and above

  • First off, make sure the loader you have is the latest (v1.4.0). Next, make sure you're on MelonLoader v0.4.3 or above. If you're still having issues, please join our discord server, and ask in one of our "Help and Support" channels.

  • Risky Functions are disabled in any world with the Game or Club tags by default to prevent cheating, and invasion of privacy. We also have a system in place for whitelisting worlds where Risky Functions cannot be taken advantage of, as well as a blacklist for worlds outside of those categories where they can be used for malicious purposes. Please use them responsibly, we do not condone any malicious behavior using emmVRC whatsoever.

    Alternatively, if you're a world creator, you can add empty gameobjects to enable or disable risky functions in your world
    UniversalRiskyFuncDisable - This will Disable risky functions in your world.
    UniversalRiskyFuncEnable - This will Enable risky functions in your world.

    To request a world to be black/whitelist, use our GitHub.

  • With a Network, we can...

    Safely store your avatar favorites in the cloud to be used no matter where you are, or what PC you're on. You'll only need emmVRC to access your favorites list. We back them up regularly as well, so don't worry about losing them.

    Create a database of avatars for you to search through, just like AvatarFav used to have. Public avatar information is constantly gathered by our users and added to the database as they are favorited, giving you a wide library to browse through.

    Player messaging to contact friends from anywhere, anytime! More improvements to this system are in progress, so keep an eye out for those!


The team that makes this all possible


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